Brownish Heavy Hairy Boots in Dolomity

부드러운 브라운 헤어가 촘촘히 장식되어 있는 부츠 인센스 홀더 입니다.

" This was found at the middle of MT Dolomity. Nobody was there until finishing my round trip. So I brought it though it was just one side, cus I didn't wanted it to be a trash. I think I would keep this forever unless I go back to the mountain to find the owner."

*Handmade Porcelain Craft

*Lost Shoes Incense Holder Series /FWC-10

*Fired twice

*Brownish hair decorated

*Size: about 가로(W) 70mm x 세로(H) 65mm

*주말 제외 1일~3일 이내 출고

간편결제 가능