Aphrodite Gold Brown Western Boots

엣지 있는 앞 코와 24k 수금 웨이비 장식 장식이 돋보이는 미들랭스 웨스턴 부츠 인센스 홀더 입니다.

"A few years ago, I lived on a small island in Greece for a while, and there was a famous shoe maker in the neighborhood, and I bought these shoes from him. He said he wouldn't sell it, but I persuaded him to buy it. The inspiration for shoe design is Aphrodite's hair."

*Handmade Porcelain Craft

*Lost Shoes Incense Holder Series /FWD-3

*Fired 3 times

*Gold 24k decorated

*Size: about 가로(W) 70mm x 세로(H) 40mm

*주말 제외 1일~3일 이내 출고

간편결제 가능